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About us


Supplying rural and remote station workers with the best quality equipment for their employment, making their workplace safe, enjoyable and comfortable.


At Stockcamp Supply Co we’ve used our 25 years experience of working on remote stations across Australia to provide a comprehensive range of equipment used in and around the stockcamp. Our gear is selected to last and be the most suitable and practical for your needs. 

We would also love to help new workers to the industry with their needs.  Please contact us by phone or email with any questions you have about the gear you will require for your new job.

Please take time to browse our shop and keep a lookout for new products being added in the future. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we’ll do our best to source it.


Stockcamp Supply Co is based in Young NSW. Having experienced the difficulties of accessing equipment especially in remote areas we have created this one stop online store to make it easy for all rural workers to have the gear they need to be safe and comfortable in what can be very challenging environments.


At Stockcamp Supply Co. we not only aim to supply equipment but also provide a service to young workers heading out to remote areas for the first time. We understand the challenges that can be faced when going into what can appear to be an intimidating environment for some people. If you need advice on any aspect of your new adventure and hopefully career then we are here to help and that includes parents that have kids heading off that may have questions. 


A big problem buying online when in rural and remote areas is postage and getting people on the other end to understand where you are and that we don’t all have street addresses. We do understand this and will get your order to you at the best price possible and as efficiently as possible.


Another frustration we have experienced is receiving bad quality gear that was made out to be good quality on the internet. At Stockcamp Supply Co. we only dispatch products that we know will stand up to the tough environment they will be used in and have used our first hand knowledge to select these products.


We will constantly be looking for new and improved items as they come onto the market.  Through close communication with our customers we strive to offer the best service and products all in one place.